Sunday, November 21, 2010

BARON WIP Preview 1

The Baron Morghast, Father of The Eastern Plague, rules the Wet-Waste and the surrounding plain from York to Texxaz.
"Fear and Honor are great upon his Dreaded Name."

All who have ever fought The Baron's Mighty Hordes, Praise The Whisperer that they yet still breath.

A word on Design. I am sculpting The Baron and nearly all Murghast Models with Unique Weapons. Basically I am treating the models for this range as Characters, due to the way I have developed their history and approach to battle. The chief concern for me with this Faction is that every model look as bizarre and as detailed as possible, which means that I can not simply make a few Basic Weapons and Body Blanks, and then convert up a bunch...not for these Little Meanies...I love them to much for that.

I will post Previews of The Murghast Warriors, with a brief Racial Overview, soon.



  1. Baron Morghast looks like one NASTY Guerilla Warrior Charactor. Keep up the good work!

  2. NASTY!!! This would fill the gap for Chaos in 15mm not-40K!

  3. From the comments he's getting, maybe The Baron is going to turn out okay.

    Hello Joe
    That's what he does in the world I have set him in, he is a kind of Hero to The Mutants Of The Wastelands.

    Hello Lampyridae
    I am working on his back pack this

    Thanks for the encouragement.



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