Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Now that we have seen The Overpass, here are the supporting structures in this Terrain Drama.
These models balance out The Dead Road Tabletop. I am going to have The Overpass extending across one end of the Game Board. The 24 Hour Convenience Store and Hotel will be on the other end. Between these ruined ghost there will be a dual lane highway, with vehicle hulks, trees, rusting light poles, and other appropriate detritus.

The 24 Hour Convenience Store will be more or less in tack, for good ground cover. The sexy little Modern Gravity Gas Pumps (Oh baby...baby!) and a few long abandoned vehicles will be set in front of the structure, on an overgrown and time worn paved lot.

The Hotel will preserve game balance, more so than the 24 Hour Stop, and make a fine bookend to the Overpass. With this large model in play, opposing forces will each have good high ground to deploy their Long Ranged and/or Heavy Weapons in.

It should be very fun to have ranged boxing matches, so to speak, as heavy weapons lining the overpass trade blows with their enemies firing from the hotel windows and rooftops.

I purchased The StoreThe Gas Pumps, and The Hotel, from Hobbylink.

I searched high and low for Modern Gas Pumps, and Hobbylink was the only game in town. They are a solid company.

Well there you have it , other than the road, the vehicles and the skeletons (which I am currently sculpting),  that is pretty much everything. After six months of web-hunting and saving up the fun-money, I have amassed all of the components I need for this Terrain Project.

Now all I have to do is build everything...



  1. What a cool project! What minis are you planning to use?

  2. Hello Luckyjoe

    I will be using the miniatures that I am currently sculpting, for my Tomorrow Black game world.
    Basically all sculptures that I post here are for that setting.



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