Tuesday, November 23, 2010


After posting three Sculpting Projects this month I think it is time to post about one of my Terrain Projects. I have just started working on a 3x6 Battlefield, which I am calling The Dead Road

The concept for this Battlefield is to have a long rectangle area to game where movement will be an important part of the scenarios. For example Search & Return, Pursue & Capture or Seek & Destroy missions would play out well in this environment.

I found myself becoming very inspired to start The Dead Road, while watching The Road last year. This film may of been a disappointment to some Apocalyptic Action Junkies, but for me it did not disappoint, certainly not in the way the film makers presented the atmosphere and look of the world.

I have collected several raw components for this project over the last six months. It was a fun little mission just to find these models. Now I am ready to start working on this Sexy Terrain,  as sort of a little respite from my many Sculpting Projects.

I will post images of the models in their own topic.


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