Saturday, November 13, 2010


I am currently working on Body Blanks, for several Factions. A Body Blank is an Original Sculpture intended to be Molded and then Master Cast as many times as needed for the project, for the purpose of Converting the Master Castings into several new poses.The reason I do this is so that I can make a group of figures without unnecessarily spending time to do every sculpture from scratch.

This month I am working on, among other things, a Goblinoid race I call The GLERTCH.

Glertches are a Dark Science Race which thrive in The Under (more on this later) and in remote areas, typically squatting on the very boarders of Human Settlements.
Glertches are an Evil race that hunt all Mammals, especially Humans, for their Slave Trade and for Food. The average Glertch is about 3'6" and weighs around 160lbs. Glertch are very Feral, and yet most are at least as intelligent as a capable Human. Glertch are strong despite their diminutive stature. Glertchech Warriors are very keen on Tech, and employ a variety of Custom Guns and other Tech Weapons during their frequent Raids into neighboring Humanoid Settlements.

A word on Design. I am keeping this Body Blank very clean, so that I will be able to add all manner of fun little details to each Master Casting, later. The right arm for this little meanie has been done separately so that I can add a number of fun Glertchech Weapons when I get going on the Conversion Phase of Production.

Note: The Human figure in the above image is used for Scale Reference. This little guy is my Favorite Human model produced by Rebel Minis. Go buy a pack. They are cool...and you need some!

I will be posting a lot more information on The Glertch.



  1. That Glertch looks very cool, and I like the backstory and the name is very nice. This is very promising. It's a nice blend of fantasy, horror and sci fi. I'm looking to seeing more.

  2. Thank you.

    I am going to send you a gang of these Joe Joe, when I get them done, to go with your orks.


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