Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Book of Eli...A Must See Film!

Hello Brothers Of The One Five.

I just watched The Book Of Eli over the Holiday. Believe it or not, I had yet to see this film, because I was waiting for it to come out in an Extended/Special Edition. I knew from seeing the Trailers, that this was going to be a film to own. While it is available on DVD now, I am going to wait a bit longer to buy it in the hope that it does get released in a grander form.
I am an odd fellow in this regard, as I will happily wait for Special Editions of truly great films before I add them to my DVD Collection.
The Book of Eli is a truly great film.
I think it is rather odd,  that I gave in and rented this film, just as I have started to finally work on some of my dearest Terrain Projects, such as The Dead Road.
Needless to say...The Book of Eli (along with The Road) have truly inspired me to do the very best work I can, as I endeavor to build the world of Tomorrow Black, for the 15MM tabletop.

If you have not seen The Book of Eli...I hope you do, because it is a story worth experiencing.



  1. Interesting. I haven't seen this one either, yet. I'll have to see if it's on netflix. Thanks

  2. Treat yourself LJ.
    This film made me "Laugh & Cry"...if it is doing that for me, it is REAL.



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