Tuesday, November 23, 2010


That SEXY Overpass...Lordy Have Mercy!

Ha, ha, ha! This is The Star Of The Show. I have always loved the idea of gaming around a structure that spans the entire width of the table. Not only does it give you high ground and good cover, it looks great on the table IMO.

I built something like this years ago, in my 28MM gaming days, and it was almost cool, but this time I can really DO IT RIGHT. I am going to keep the structure in tack for the most part, because I want to have troops and vehicles able to move across the full length of the expanse.

For Brothers Of The One Five, I can not recommend this rare jewel of a model highly enough. It was designed to be a converters dream. You have to assemble the model in three independent lenghts, and all of the support piers are seperate too.
Assembling this model is going to be a little arduous, but you have great control of how to lay the pieces out. For example, you really could do the broken and half standing bridge arrangement, with segments of the structure on and above the ground. It would be a simple matter of assembling the model in pieces, rather than as a complete structure.

I purchased a pair of these RIX kits, becuase I want to be able to make a large model. This was a little expensive, but you could do well with just a single kit. I got mine from Walthers on sale for about $30 each.
Other Component's for this model include: Double-Arm Tear Drop Lamp, Guardrail, and Concrete K-Rail Barrier.

Now I  own all of these goodies, and I have started to clean up the parts, and dry fit them. It is going to be a job to do this right, but it will be great (I hope) when it is done.

This is where The Fun Starts...


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