Sunday, December 19, 2010


I have the basic bridge dry fitted now. I wanted to see it lain out. I am happy with the results of this little dry run. I decided to order larger sheets of Plasticard, as shown in my last Dead Road update. The new 7"x12" Plastic Boards are exactly what I wanted. You can see that the three Plastic Bridge pieces that came with the Rix Kit are nice, but they will not give me the large Overpass structure that I want. I am going to get good use from these pieces however, in another terrain Project, which I will discuss at a later date.

Now that I have laid the bridge out and dry-tested it for size, I can actually build this large structure with confidence that the finished product will do what I want it to do on the Battlefield.

I have started the damage and weathering process on some of my HO (1/87) scale die cast and plastic vehicles.
So far I have simply added bullet hits and other damage to the glass, along with scratches and dents on the bodies.

I decided that I want to add an abandoned house in the woods along the interstate. This will add another element of cover for advancing troops, and also I like the idea of having a house setting quietly in overgrown woodlands. With little skeletons and rusting vehicles, and the vines and other fun details all around. Baby, you sure are

This house was a very simple little kit to assemble, and so I an not showing the entire process of assembly, which took only about an hour to complete. Now the real work comes, in aging and weathering the structure.

I will post more updates on this project soon.



  1. Ok so I will ask, how did you get the windows on the car to look so good broken? Did you drill and then use a nice?

  2. It is a simple technique, but the execution is a little bit of a challenge.

    1:Take a Razor SHARP X-Acto and draw several X's on the plastic. Let each X overlap a bit, but work to make a star shine pattern.
    2:Draw Circles which start at the center and work your way out to the edges of your X's.
    3:Powder the glass by burnishing the plastic with a Wire Brush.
    4:Twist the tip of your X-Acto to make a rough hole, then dig into this hole to make direct cracks originating from the hole.

    You have to be careful when you do this or you might just break the plastic, which is fine, but not for this effect, you are going for a very realistic bullet hit, with that all important powdered and spider-webbed-glass look, so you only want the one break.



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