Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Frst Project for THE WEEKLY ONE FIVE

Ray and I are going to sculpt a "Juggers Team" from The Blood Of Heroes.
I was going to do something like this later in the coming year, but since Ray wants to do it now, why not, it is cool.
For more info on The Weekly One Five which begins in just eleven days, you can read the TMP post.

I am going to do nine miniatures for this project. The five Juggers and four supporting figures.
The first support figure is going to be a Game Referee which will likely look very much like the Fat Bad Guy from The Book Of Eli.

In keeping with TW15's guidelines I am going to start working on this figure on January 1 2011. I will complete The Support Figures with a Manager, Ring Girl, and Gear Tech.

I am going to start a Blog for The Weekly One Five on the first.


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