Sunday, November 13, 2011

Setting Up Shop...Almost Done...Dammit!

There is a lot to do when setting up a business, but I am almost done now. This week I am setting up The Emporium Shop which means that I get to figure out all of the little settings at PayPal. I have The Shopping Cart set to calculate Shipping & Handling based on the order amounts, but The Shipping Calculator will not adjust the shipping cost for larger
Read Instructions, Adjust Settings, Test, Hope it works the way they say it will work, and if not repeat process. When that little thing is figured out and we are all happy all I have to do is to take good pictures of the products, order a New Printer or cute little Label Printer, and set up my USPS Account to pay for shipping via The BME PayPal Account. When I figure all of that out, Test It and we are happy, I can get back to cleaning up Master Castings, to send to Mike so IWM can make more Production Molds, Cast more models, and after I pay them, I can add more products to The BME Shop.



  1. Damn brother that's a lot of hassle to cope with! It will be worth it when you start building a good rep as an online store!


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