Sunday, November 6, 2011


I have COMPLETED The HOOKAH EXPERIENCE MURAL...More or Less. It is done for now. So this is how it looked on Opening Night. (As always, if you click on the images they get bigger).

So there it is, after 1 day of planning, 1 day of drawing, 5 days of painting, and 2 days of inking. This is the first large scale work that I have done in many years, so I discovered that it is like breathing, you remember how to do it, even if you think you are out of practice, it comes right

It was fun to hang out on Opening Night with friends, and see people enjoying the lounge.

Seated to my left is Charlie, the owner with his father directly across from me, and the big guy across from Charlie is my good friend Joe, who is the guy that more often than not takes me to the post office and takes pictures of my big happy dumb ass while out in the field on missions. Note the devilish grin on this cool old fellow...probably why we are friends.

Charlie and I have an agreement between friends that he will pay me monthly and that I will come back to do a little work on the slow days, to make this mural look even better. We waited until crunch time, because he had to get the wall done, and let it dry, so I did not start working until 2 weeks before opening date, but it got done enough to look okay...for now.

I took on this project to get my new computer paid off, and since I had to wait for my turn to come up in the que at IWM, I figured I may as well help a friend and make a little bit of extra loot, so it is all good I think.

I had fun, got paid, and got reacquainted with my very old friends, the brushes and the paint. Tis Coolio indeed.




  1. Very cool. I'll bet that was a blast to paint.

  2. Those murals came out great! I've been looking forward to seeing them. I especially like the smoke from the hookah.

  3. I must say a most excellent job Joe. Nice way to make some extra cash. Looks great.

  4. Hookah, Hookah, Hookah's everywhere, lol. I'm not completely sold on Hookahs; but I sure like your interpretation of the "Alice in Wonderland" Characters. This shows that you still got the 'touch' and a good 'imagination' in working your 'Magic'!

  5. Nice work Brother J! If I understand it correct the mural will keep on "growing" over the comming months? It would be cool to see the occasional photo of that growth ...


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