Sunday, January 23, 2011


My love of Random Monsters is responsible for this series of WIP Previews. I am currently working on about six Monsters. Some of these creatures will be large beast encountered as lone predators, while others will be smaller and likely encountered in groups.

The Grizzought is a lion sized beast which haunts the remote places of The NAC Dominion. These dreaded hunters are stealthy, fast, and very powerful. The hide of an adult Grizz is virtually impervious to commonly used Ballistic Weapons, making them a great threat to the average well equipped travellers.

A Word On Design. The Grizzought have a long horny mace-like tail, which will be seperate for the sake of casting. I am almost finished with this sculpture, so the next time you see him, he will be ready for Molding and Master Casting.

I will post some previews of other Monsters soon.


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