Thursday, January 13, 2011


I have been working on a number of larger scale figures and vehicles that I have yet to share with you. The main reason for this is because these sculptures have been sort of a catch all set of back burner projects which receive left over putty here and there. When a nightly batch of epoxy begins to become to firm for my liking as I work on the tiny details of my small pieces I add form to my large models. I do not like to waste my supplies so I use up the putty on these back burner projects.

I have slowly developed a few of these larger models to a workable Base Shape over the last six months, and as a result I am more inclined to begin focusing on some of my BIG Monsters and Vehicles. The first of these are going to be my Manic Widow-Mech Tech-Hybrid; The Bio Titan, and The NAC War Strider.

Here is a look at the base form for The Manic's Titan, with some basic work done on two of it's Heavy Weapons.

I wanted to have a few very large models in The TOMORROW BLACK Range, and this guy will be the first of them. I love the idea of a model that can toss a tank over or pick up a typical humanoid in one hand...that is some fun gaming in my book.

A Word On Design. I am going to keep the head and arms as separate components for this model, so that I can have some diversity in the look, without sculpting more than one of these Mold Hogging figures, and beside how many of these terrifying things do you need on the more than one or two I should think.

I will post more previews of this model, and start a Preview Series on The NAC War Strider...soon.


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