Friday, April 29, 2011

I Started Building The BME Site Tonight!

Oh I just put a great big $ the new house. That got me a full year of hosting, domains, emails, security thingies, and well a lot of pain in the butt new work to do.

It is going to kill me or I am going to Make it holler my damn name!

I figured to be safe I would allow a month to build the site. I am glade I did now that I have seen what it is going to entail. I have a lot to figure out and to set up yet.

Ed is going to help me with the damn thing, so it should be fine here in the next week or

I share most of what I am doing from the very start, with you go have a look and a giggle at the glorious new BATTLE MINIATURES EMPORIUM Home.

Big Joe is about to start his biz-ness...for must be The Eleventh Hour.



  1. Thanks Joe!

    I have a lot to figure out yet, like why the images are distorted. Ed recommended the company, and he built his 2Hour Wargames joint with the same people, so when he starts helping me figure out the interface thingie it might be cool.


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