Friday, September 16, 2011

Financial Paperwork DONE!

Oh Joy, Business Paperwork!
Yeah I has to be done.

I have set up new Bank and Pay Pal accounts this week, and as of tonight they are both live and ready to go. This is just another step towards my goal, and I am glade it is done.  I paid a great big $5 to get "Happy Skull" put on the new BME Bank Card...Ha, ha! I am going to edit Happy so that there is a wide screen view of black around him, this will mean that my entire BME Banking Card is black with Happy smiling right there in the middle of it all.


I just had to...

I also had a good chat with Mike Noe this week and we doped out the best way for me to pay him for all of the Production Castings. I am going to buy YOUR MODELS from IWM by the pound, with a small per spin fee. This is the best way to make it affordable for me to bring YOU a fair price for all of my (our) metal.

I am getting everything done Brothers.

I  do NOT "Wonder if it's worth it to carry on"...but there IS a Price to pay,  when you actually do anything that IS worth a fuck.



  1. The boring things need doing to. October is just around the corner, the grand opening is near! ;-)

  2. Hey, Joe! Good news. indeed. Once you get the paperwork and bookkeeping into a groove it gets easier.

    I'm Back in town after a couple of weeks of travel and resting here. I'll give you a call tonight and see if I can get in touch.



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