Friday, September 30, 2011


Brothers I laid out everything last night, to see where I am with Master Mold Two, I was surprised to find that I do not have a full mold's worth...yet. I was pretty sure that the Bulliod would finish it off. As you can see, even after I add the large base for the Bulliod, it is not going to be as heavy as Master Mold One was.

I am going to keep working and see where I am at in another week say. Mike and the main crew at IWM are going out of town for the first week of this glorious, and wonderful October, so this little "Hey Big Joe, You Ain't Done Yet!" surprise is rather appropriate. I suppose everybody needs a week off now and again.

You can see how Heavy Master Mold One was, when compared with Master Mold Two.
It is only prudent for me as a Lone Wolf Company to be very greedy with this money eating mold space. I need to finish up some other bits anyhow so I have a good motivation here with this situation so that I can cram this next Master Mold to HEAVY Status...Kinda Funny.


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