Saturday, February 19, 2011


I have been working on a few Terrain bits. The most difficult so far has been a plain good ole Human Skeleton. You would think this should be an easy ain't. Not if you want the tiny and fragile thing to look like it will actually fit inside the body of a 15MM human. I have tried twice before in the last six weeks to get this damn thing done. The first time I used twisted wire and it bent and was ruined, half way in. The second time I used thicker wire and it ended up looking like a toy, the figure was to bulky. Now here I am with my super fine and very strong Brass Rod and Brass Sheeting soldered together Armature,  for round three with this little guy...who has been kicking my ass.

I want this figure as perfect as I can get it because he is going to be all over my terrain, as a ruined and creepy bit of horrific clutter, and he is going to be the base for several of my Zombies also.

I will get it right this time I think (Hope)...


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