Saturday, February 26, 2011

CHARACTERS: SHELLY- GEAR TECH Completed Sculpture Preview

Gear Techs are people who have a seemingly instinctive base knowledge of Mid-Tech Machines. If they apply themselves to it, with almost no training, they are able to build, maintain, and repair commonly used security and farming equipment, as well as vehicles. These individuals are extremely valued in communities who do not care to trade with The TECH Nation.

Shelly is a Native of Port York. When her father deemed her of age she traveled with him and her older brothers on his Tech Tramper visiting the Coasters Settlements to trade his advanced skills as a renowned Gear Tech. As she grew up she learned the skill. In times of rest at home her three brothers inspired her to play Qwik with their childhood friends on the island. In time her skill was above average and she took to traveling abroad, selling her services as she explored the Wet Waste.

Eventually she came to base herself in The Territory of Ashington. She now works with Byron and other Qwik Reffs organizing  tournaments in which she offers her custom Qwik Gear and occasionally she will even fill in for wounded Qwiks and Drives, for a Bonus Fee. 

Shelly still travels to Port York to visit her family, and she occasionally ventures into The Borderlands, acting as a requested Advisor to Communities setting up or reaping Mid-Tech Systems. 

A Word On Design. This was a fun project. I sort of let the models design themselves...I just worked the putty.
I was going for a Nomadic look with Shelly's clothing, and a Medium TECH level for her gear. The gear was a little challenge because I had to think; "Okay this world has very advanced technology, so what does medium technology look like then?"

I am not disappointed with this project, but I might add a cute little Tow-Bot to Shellie's gear, to pull the cart. Originally I figured she just pulls her cart around to keep herself in ...I do like the idea of a little "Beep-Boop-Bleep" type of little sidekick fellow...dunno yet.


Pousse Plomb
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