Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Great are the few who travel The Waste alone...and return, more than once. Such is a man known in most of the Guarded Settlements as: Byron The Tremendous! The weak and the helpless love him. The strong and the insolent respect him. The wicked and the merciless fear him!

In his youth Byron roamed The Eastern Waste for a decade or more, so it is believed. Some say he has even faced The Baron Murghast, and in that great fight cut clean the beast's right arm at the elbow! This was years ago now, but in the time since no Guarded Settlement in our Domain has again been haunted by The Barons Mighty Hordes.

Byron has settled in his middle age to live again in his Home Territory of Ashington. He used to be a renowned Slash in The Game of Qwik, and now holds tournaments which he and his son referee.
Byron still travels out to The Borderlands from time to time, acting as a protector to worthy travelers, and to personally aide Settlements when Raiders become to great a threat to the peace of our Domain.

A Word On Design. It probably has not been overlooked, but I'll mention it just the same, Byron is a multi part model.

This was a very fun project.




  1. "Kinda okay"! Same way the Hope Diamond is kinda valuable or Mount Everest is kinda big. :) This is a beautiful sculpt! How tall is he?

  2. Thanks Joe!
    I was tired at the
    I spent 3 hours doing the damn pictures for him, after sculpting all night to finish him up, and getting some final detail work done on other projects too.

    Byron is 19MM tall to the top of his neck/back.

  3. He looks very sick! (Meant in a positive way!)
    Very nice!

  4. This guy is absolutely outstanding... way to go! Nothing wrong with the sculpt anywhere, pure perfection :)

  5. He is as Bryan says above "absolutely outstanding"!

    Well done mate!


  6. Thank you Brothers!

    I still see a few things that are not perfect...but if I ever make a perfect model I might need to stop doing


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