Sunday, July 31, 2011


"Rikatik is a well respected Master Seeker among we Path Finders. He has killed many of our enemies...and the more often; they died so that our Prince may lengthen his Long Walk...for our sakes"

Rikatik was raised from birth by Tajatak and gifted to Rattak, his first born. Rattak trained the young Rikatik in The Ways of Path Finding, to improve his usefulness as a Seeker. In time since, Rattak has taken him on his Long Runs, and the now adult Rikatik is considered a great prize.

I will post images later tonight.

A Word On Design. I really enjoyed sculpting this model. There is a lot to be said for an intelligent and strong little Sidekick that can kill a competent human, with his Specially Crafted Path Finder Weapons, or just his teeth and know.

Check out Jello's "CHEW". You have to love a song about giant rats taking over a major city...

"As big as a cat, not afraid to chase people...a shot gun will only kill one at a time!"


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