Tuesday, July 26, 2011


A.S.P. or Auto Security Post are used in all TECH Nation and many NAC Territories, and are provided to Allied Priority Territories. These simple but effective Mini Mechs usually work in conjunction with other Security Screens and Mechs such as SEC and MFD Units,  but can be deployed on their own to maintain boarders or Temporary Operation Zones.

ASP use Pulse Lasers to raise a force fence, so to speak. The fence is always active, but will power up, becoming deadly, when approached by undesirable elements. If threatened each ASP can directly fire it's Pulse Laser at the attacker.

A Word On Design. I intend to use little colored plastic tubes to represent the laser fence. These little fellows will make the tabletop very fun, as they close off sections of the field, and fire at advancing models...lol.

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