Sunday, June 19, 2011

15MM Noise Marines?

No. Sonic Clerics.

I have known about CELLDWELLER, for years, but when a friend shared this music with me, he sampled the Pop/Dance stuff because that is what he liked. I though, yeah, okay, but I rather listen to NIN.
Anyhow, years later another friend sent me some links to Celldweller's harder music, just this week.


I have been working on ideas to make my Good Factions as cool as the Evil Factions.
This is a real task, in my experience. Bad Guys get to be fucking crazy, and scary...good guys most of the time, get to dress in a neat little Sci-Fi Zuite Suite, cary a Rifle, and take their place in that long ass BORING line with all of the other Sci-Fi Human Troopers on the 15MM market.

Fuck That.

Anyhow, I am going to keep the details of this new concept for my Sonic Clerics on the low, until I can show you some sculpting.
I am going to include them as another aspect of my Iron Monks Faction. I am glade that I held off on working on then for a bit, because now they are going to have more diversity, and they are going to be a wee tad cooler too.

I saw this cover art, and was inspired by it, then found the original artwork, and realized that what I had seen on YouTube was edited. I of course needed to fix the for fun. You can see the edited art on the first video below.

If you do not know about Klayton's Celldweller, check out some of his work. The hard stuff, the epic cool!
It has really lite a fire under my big ass...and that is a good thing.

Cool huh?



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