Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hurry Up & Wait...

So I ordered a nice new set of Micro Files with my paints and other supplies the other week.
For some reason Neal's War Store showed the item IN Stock. I get everything but The Damn Files, delivered last week. The files I needed most, since I have all of these damn tiny Murg Flies and other figures that need to be cleaned very well indeed, as they are the models that will be used to make my Production Molds, which is what you Brothers Of Mine will be getting for your collections.

I am going to wait until the end of the month, to see if Neal can get these little tools to me, his worker said they have been waiting for them from the manufacturer. If there is no joy or a delivery date by next week, I am going to have Neal,s people credit my order to another set of paint, and buy the files elsewhere.

These things happen...lol...but I need the damn files to paint my stuff, and more importantly, I need them to get these Masters ready for The Production Molds.

Fun ain't it?


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