Thursday, June 23, 2011


I have been wanting to do something like the Weirding Way as depicted in DUNE 1984, or Noise Marines in 15MM for some time. Just as my Murghaste Warriors fill the need to do a crazy Mutant Nasties Faction, The Sonic Clerics take care of the need for Tech-Sonic Martial Warriors.

I have the first three Armatures ready for sculpting now, thanks to The Shelly Masters. I am going to do a base Sonic Weapon, and cast it with some of my other Guns & weapons, these first three will have Heavy Weapons, and so there is no need to do more than this trio. Later I will do at least three more Clerics with the Guitar-like Weapon, in some of the crazy jumping and spinning poses that I saw just last week in Celldweller's Switch Back Video...I love it.

The Weirding Way Scene - Dune Movie (1984) - HD

Okay, back to sculpting...



  1. Hehe... Guess what movie I recorded the other night.

  2. You will love it...just watch it, and don't try to understand it...
    DUNE IS one of the best films ever made IMFO.
    It is better than the book.


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