Tuesday, June 21, 2011

7 Months, 100 Post, 58 Brothers, 1 Sista, & A Lot Of Page Views!

So I just posted for the 100Th time on my Silly Little Blog.

Who gives a Fuuuck.


A few people do...and that IS cool by me.



  1. 100 posts is a good bit. Of course, 100 sculpts would be better. ;p

  2. Yeah, I think I am about to get serious with the putty again. I have sort of been in a little stent of self reexamination. I had a doctors appointment this month and he told me that I am doing better with my little health issues, and I have been working out more, and doing some more research into my diet.

    I have also been revealing in my tiny accomplishments with these Masters in hand. I have invested a good bit of time (to much perhaps) considering all of the models I am going to be able to get started by using these metal copies of my work for the Armatures.

    The good news in this regard is that I can get the next set of miniatures done faster by going with The Heavy Conversion approach.

    I am getting back into The Sculpting Chair again...


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