Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Organizing The Factions

I love it. I do indeed. I am slowly getting the big picture done on my sculpting desk, and now that I am nearing the completion of Master Mold 2, I will have more metal to convert into new models. The effect of this on my BUILDING A COMPLETE WORLD Project, is that I really need to lock-down what I want to have in the main factions.

I am of course going to have The Base Elements: Heroes, Troops, Heavy Support, Special Units &Vehicles. These selections will be Racially Specific and Appropriate for each Factions Status.

The ultimate design for each Faction is the hard part of all of this, but it is also the most fun.
I can sculpt what ever I want to, but I need to do some more work on bringing all of these elements into a more refined state of being. 

The more work you do: The More WORK There Is To Be Done!



  1. Makes you feel God-like doesn't it? Dance puppets ... DANCE for the almighty creator!

    Euhm ... never mind ... bye bye then ...


  2. It is going to be cool when I can look down at a lot of finished work and see something worth playing...


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