Monday, August 13, 2012

Countdown To 2013...

Hail Brothers! I am closing The Battle Miniatures Emporium Website this week. I am taking over the hands on development of the site and redesigning the layout from the ground up. The new BME site will open in 2013.

I have also finished up my little Summer Campaign this week, in which I explored the interesting new (to me) realm of Digital Sculpture. All of the first wave of TOMORROW BLACK Digital Sculptures  are in route to Iron Wind Metals for Mastering, in fact as I type this article they are half way to Ohio. 

When Battle Miniatures Emporium reopens in early 2013, you can expect SEVERAL new products, a Preview of The TOMORROW BLACK Game, and International Shipping provided to select countries.

As always Keep It Real, and Stay Cool!



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