Monday, May 16, 2011

More Good News From IWM

I started work on a few of my larger models a while back, but got a little jaded honestly when I considered just how tight a 9 inch mold is, and it looked like producing my Vehicles and Large Monsters would have to be put off.
Well after chatting with Mike today about the Master Mold, he informed me that Iron Wind Metals has just set up two new 12 inch molds specifically for casting Resin Models.

That really IS good news. I am fighting the good fight and sculpting my BIG Models by hand. Now I can use other raw materials such as Plasticard. I am very happy about this, becuase I can keep all of my products at IWM, and have them do the Pewter and Resin in house.

This also means that my BIG Stuff will not take me a year to sculpt nor will it cost a million dollars to produce.
Cool, cool, cool!


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