Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have posted a lot of Articles about my intentions for this project and all of the raw materials that I have purchased to make this Battlefield a reality.
Now it is time for me to get more work done on this project, since I am about to actually have my own models in hand.
I laid out much of what I have for this tabletop this evening, to see just what it might look like. I am not to disappointed with it. I think I still need to buy a few more vehicles, to really set up that "Here are the Ancient Remains of a Failed Mass Migration from The Dying City of York" look.
I also need to pick up a few more detail items like Street Lights, Static Grass, and some more Trees.
I am going to make the crappy trees used in this Dry Run Layout as a stand, with the nice trees mounted as Stand Alone items to pretty up the odd spots. I am going to get silly with these and sculpt roots and little animals like Crows and Buzzards for the Eye Pop treatment. I still need to finish that damn annoying Anitomicalley Correct Skeleton too...
I am not going to use the little foam roads either. I am going to sculpt the roads in place so that I can get nice cracks and sink hols on them.

I need to pick up a few more cork tiles also. I have some, but I want to use them on every floor tile now, so that I can have a nice coarse canvas to glue my grasses to. I can also add little blasted areas, by simply breaking out parts of the cork to make a depression. This will work great for representing mud puddles and little streams too. This approach will also give me that nice damaged pavement that looked so good in The Road and The Book Of Eli environments.
The last thing to buy yet for this and all of my Battlefields is the New Table. I will have to do that later, so it may end up being my Halloween Present.

So this is what the East side of The Dead Road looks like. The West side will have The Overpass and more abandoned vehicles and trees.

What I see here on this table, and what is in my head have a long way to go yet before they colloid, but I am further along with this then I was last year say...


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