Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Brothers, another step towards building The Ultimate Sci-Horror Undead Army has been taken...

A Word On Design: Each Black Barrel is 12x8MM with the lid in place.The bottom of the lid has a neat beveled frame so that we can mount a plastic strip (That I will provide in each pack) to represent the glass window. I am going to sculpt a Toxic Dead Bust that we can mount in the top half of the Black Barrel, so that we can actually see what horror awaits us within these evil devices.
The Black Toxic Stalkers pack will consist of 6 Black Barrels: 3 sealed with the Window Glass and Toxic Bust, 3 open with a Black Toxic Stalker coming out of it's barrel, and 6 Black Toxic Stalkers on my standard Detailed Bases.

I am sending these to my Mold Maker in 3 weeks...THEY WILL BE READY FOR THIS OCTOBER.


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  1. this too looks cool... I think it should also fit well the free game system I will provide on my small blog (name is SECRET WARS)!


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