Thursday, March 21, 2013

This Years Birthday.

Not to bad this year. I had a nice dinner and enjoyed the company of a few good friends, same as most of us I reckon.

Then I got silly and stopped Smoking after 30 years.

I have been smoke free since the 6th, and now Vape. I was serious about doing this, and it has worked so well for me that I have already given away all of my RYO smoking materials, to neighbors that roll their own cigarettes, which is what I have done for about seven years. Some new technology really is useful... I don't know why people still spend $200 a month on Cartons of Cigs. I stopped that shit when name brand cartons got to around $20. If you still smoke I am telling you as a life long smoker, top of the line Vaporizers (See my Links) do IS just like smoking Brothers, but without all of the bad shit you get with smoke.

I am of course keeping my Skull Ash Tray, but now that Lil Mo Fo will have Skittles or M&M's in it.

Making the switch to Vaporizer Tech will save me about $40 a month off Smoking RYO Cigs, which use to cost me about $60 a month. That extra $$$ will go to 3D Sculpts and Prints. 

Which brings me to my second Birthday Present...Lol...John at Moddler sent me a few images of my New 3D Models this week, a day after my B-Day.

All of these Prints will be in Master Mold Number Three.



  1. Congrats on quitting smoking, happy birthday and great looking prints!

    1. I was surprised by how easy it was to go from Smoke to Vape...

      I am going to have a lot of fun with these new Prints Brother. I am going to LOL when I see my Toxic Barrels on your Game Tiles!

    2. Hola
      Eso es lo mas importante y gran regalo,dejar de fumar,es lo mejor
      un saludo

    3. I do feel better already Brother.

  2. I will also wish you a very happy B day, and as a quitter my self, I will say stay the course, it is worth it. I my self was a big smoker, for over 20 years, and it was not easy, but after three years I am doing well. Just keep thinking you will get there and you will. I used the patch, but after a month I was forced to stop that, and it messed with my hart, and as per the directions STOP using this product if you have a racing plus........ So it was like a double cold turkey for me....

    The next was I did not want to stop! I loved smoking, but I did it for my Kids, and you can quit, for other reasons, so this cop out you can only quit wen you are ready is not true. I have 0 will power, and got through it.....

    So stay stay strong, and you will be posting for many more years to come!.


    1. Damn man, you had a hard time of it. Well we are both better off now.
      I plan to leave a few cool works behind me, so a few more years is a good thing...

  3. I thought the Vape things still had nicotene in them but good for you

    1. Steve you can pick the level of nicotine, and they have all kinds of flavors too.
      Right now I am on a high Nic level, but I will lower it until I am basically just puffing flavored I like the habit.

  4. Sorry if this gets posted twice, I typed in a message, had to log in, and am now looking at a blank message box!

    But... I had left this open in a tab for the last couple of days and forgot about it, so apologies for that, and happy belated birthday.

    But most importantly, congrats on quitting smoking!

  5. Those prints are impressive!

    What scale are they?

    Have they had any cleanup?

    Cant help with the smoking...other then good job:)


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