Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Vapeing...

So this Quitting Smoking thing is REAL... I though you guys might get a kick out of seeing the shop where I go to get my Vapors.

I can walk to The Vapor Room in about 3 minutes from my front door.
If I had the Bat Cape or in my case The BIG Black Fat Man Cloak, I could hop off of my 8th floor balcony and be there in 30 seconds.
You can order their wonderful flavors on line to anywhere. 

If any of you have anybody who is still smoking in this TECH Age get them on this works.
I have been burning tobacco free since March 6th, and have not had a cig ...not fucking one, nor has my diet changed in any way, since my first draw on my Vaporizers.

I am more awake and have greater attention while sculpting too...OH Lordy!

It cost me about $25 a month to Vape, and I suck on the damn thing like it is an aqua lung and my big ass is down in the Marianna trench. There goes the extra monthly Hobby Budget $$$ for the NEW BME Website and hosting, and a little left for some of the Master Molds cost too.


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