Thursday, March 21, 2013

This Years Birthday.

Not to bad this year. I had a nice dinner and enjoyed the company of a few good friends, same as most of us I reckon.

Then I got silly and stopped Smoking after 30 years.

I have been smoke free since the 6th, and now Vape. I was serious about doing this, and it has worked so well for me that I have already given away all of my RYO smoking materials, to neighbors that roll their own cigarettes, which is what I have done for about seven years. Some new technology really is useful... I don't know why people still spend $200 a month on Cartons of Cigs. I stopped that shit when name brand cartons got to around $20. If you still smoke I am telling you as a life long smoker, top of the line Vaporizers (See my Links) do IS just like smoking Brothers, but without all of the bad shit you get with smoke.

I am of course keeping my Skull Ash Tray, but now that Lil Mo Fo will have Skittles or M&M's in it.

Making the switch to Vaporizer Tech will save me about $40 a month off Smoking RYO Cigs, which use to cost me about $60 a month. That extra $$$ will go to 3D Sculpts and Prints. 

Which brings me to my second Birthday Present...Lol...John at Moddler sent me a few images of my New 3D Models this week, a day after my B-Day.

All of these Prints will be in Master Mold Number Three.

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