Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Moddler & NEW 3D Joint Nickahs.

How about Moddler. I am going to be a lazy no good, and just link to John Bear's nice post about Moddler. Big JB said it all just fine, so I invite you to read his comments at his Cool Azz Blog.

I had a few new 3D's done too recent like. I ain't showing you guys all of them, but I will share the one that I am the most happy with; a Chain Blade which I will use for several of my new 15MM and 30MM sculptures.

This is the Chain Blade. I will sculpt The Engions on based on several designs.

Sexy as Hell...ain't it Brothers.

This baby is at Moddler right now, with other new models and a redo of my Toxic Dead Black Barrel, which got crushed the first time Stu tried to Master it. This second time around the damn thing will be 2/3 filled with Procreate before I send it to Iron Wind.

I will share some more 3D stuff soon...



  1. I really like that barrel. It's going to be a big hit among the 15mm Zombies crowd.

  2. The barrel is a good all around sci-fi addition.

    I'm not a big fan of 40k-ish saws and shit, but it is a nice clean looking piece.

  3. Thanks Brothers. Yeah I have some very fun plans for both of these models, with like three of them coming out THIS Year.


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