Sunday, February 13, 2011

RATTLE WING Completed Sculpture Preview

The Dead Cities are home to many dangers. NAR and The Nation rarely go there, and this fact gives one a beguiling sense of confidence, at least in that they feel certain the Jetters and other Flying Machines will not waylay them on their travels. This is foolish thinking for there are often creatures above you...waiting in the corpses of decayed buildings, roosting in the twisted girders, watching you.

Rattle Wings are a Dark Science Race which all but rule in The Upper (more on this later) and in remote subterranean places.

Rattle Wings, also known by the slang Bat-Snakes, are an Evil race that hunt all Mammals, especially Feline and Rodent Manamals and Humans, for their Food.
The average Rattle Wing is about 9'6" in length, with a wing span of 9' and weighs around 90lbs. Rattle Wings have a base intelligence equal to that of a Human child, and maintain a Lethal Hierarchical Society, wherein the most  cunning and physically capable dominate the lower classes.
Rattle Wings are terribly agile and powerful. When these beast attack it is likely to come from above at first as they glide down to rip with their horny wings and bite with their terrible maws. If the victim is not dead after this, the wicked creatures will lash their powerful tails around the prey and attach their fore claws and wretched teeth into the flesh, and wait for the meat to bleed out.
Dark Manics employ Rattle Wings as a part of their bestial servants, equipping the foul things with  Fused TECH. More on this later.

A Word On Design. I have designed the base connection for this model to accommodate two means of posing your Rattle Wings. You can bend the tail to the rear and mount the figure in an Advancing Pose by gluing the Belly Pin into the mounting hole on the Base. The second pose is an Attacking/Hovering stance where you would have the tail forward with Spine Pin glued in place. When you have the pose set just clip the unused second pin off your model. To achieve further verity you can gently bend the wings into whatever position suites you.



  1. Very nice. He looks all mouth and teeth. I could use these for a lot of games. Great job!

  2. I think I went half blind for a second getting the detail into them dad-burned wings.

    But I got him done...A-Men.

  3. It will be fun to pose these and base them.

  4. Love these things! A swarm of them will be very nice :)


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