Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Glertchech Boss One & A Restructured Murg War Crew

I am doing my final planning for Master Mold Two and looking ahead to Master Mold Three.

I thought that I was done with The Murghaste War Crew, but as I worked on the final details it became apparent that the short thick guy was looking less like his fellow M.U.R.G. Brothers, and more like a large Glertch.

After giving this Happy Accident serious consideration I have decided to indeed change things around. This brings my Heavy Cannon Model that would have been the first Murghaste Death Trooper back to my sculpting desk, as the third and final member of War Crew One.

Now that I have the models set as a trio (oddly enough for the first time) I think that this is a much better grouping. I do not know what I was thinking, but at the time it seemed important to have the tough little bustard in the mix, to give the Murghaste Raiders some this case it did not work.

With that decision made, now what should I do with the odd Murg out?
He gets some details changed and he becomes the first Glertch Boss model I think...

Okay solved and it's back to sculpting!



  1. yummy, good minitures to come !

  2. Thank you Brothers.

    I think they will be one of my better time.


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